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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 26, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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happened. the two cars were seen racing down the street. they collided and drivers smashed into a guardrail. one vehicle sustained the most damage. neighbors tell me they've been complaining a long time about speeding vehicles. one woman was home telecommuting when the accident occurred outside of her home office window. she remembers hearing speeding cars then the sounds of them smashing into the railing. minutes later she realized someone had been killed. >> heart breaking and unnecessary. and two people were killed.
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>> mrs. perez she and neighbors have complained saying they'd like to have a traffic signal installed to slow down the traffic but have had no action taken. so there are two trucks you probably saw parked at the accident scene. but neither are saying what the fate is. police say the drivers of the two vehicles that were speeding on the road here could be facing vehicular manslaughter charges. >> another story about cars a popular petes rea is shut down because of a fire caused by a young teenager driving out of control. abc7 news is live with the story. vic? >> contractors boarded up windows and securing this
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building. and you'll see it was gutted by the fire the cause of the fire is something you'd never think could happen. a car ramming into the building driven by a young girl without a license. >> thick black smoke and flames in the morning air. firefighters responded to 911 calls the fire went quickly to two alarms a fire tough to fight. a ruptured gas line kept giving the stubborn blaze life, shooting flames to the attic of the pizzeria. mike jaber owns the once-thriving shop. >> i woke up out of our sleep what we've been working for up in flames. >> firefighters brought in 18 pieces of equipment including
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ladder trucks and dosed the gas line with water hoping to stop the inertia. it helped. pg and e clamped the pipes. firefighters were able to stop the fire from reaching a tattoo shop in the same building. >> they had to kick the door in. and to see if flames went into the shop. >> firefighters say a 16-year-old girl was driving a car down a back street. police pursued her through stop lights. >> it was like a, in a race track. waits so loud. >> the driver apparently lost control and plowed into the pizzeria. the teenager escaped and was
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arrested the fire put out after 12:00 noon. vic lee, abc7 news >> prosecutors are critical of a judge who threw out an arson conviction last year in the case against a man accused of setting two arson fires a jury convicted david diaz for manslaughter for the death of a sexual partner. he set the man's body on fire. this afternoon diaz was back in court for setting a car and house on fire. prosecutors revealed the target is his current boyfriend. >> he indicated it's undue burden to have a defendant having arson registration he would have had. that now rests on the city and county of san francisco. >> police are investigating whether he set fires since december in the castro district.
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>> a fire destroyed 14 house boats today started overnight in walnut grove the fire spread as propane tanks exploded firefighters said it was one of the trickiest responses they've seen. it could have been worse they managed to grab control of a burning house boat floating in a fuelling station. nobody was hurt. investigators are trying to determine how it got started. >> the cause of a rare january brush fire today still hasn't been determined. six acres burned. firefighters were able to contain it. residents say they've never seen anything like this during the winter. >> a pilot has quite a story to tell about the plane he was supposed to deliver to australia. he didn't make it. watch this video.
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250 miles short of hawaii despite the addition of a fuel tank the plane goes down in the water but the pilot is rescued without injury. he is the one in the green shirt there, after and sound. >> that is what this company is saying. for the president of the company that installed that long range tank they say they've been doing this work more than two decades without serious problems they say the system is fool proof. >> richard says his company tracy sky view aviation has installed 1200 of these.
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and never had a system failure. >> went for that system to be designed many, many years ago. we never have issues with the system. you put fluid here and here. >> the company installed a very tag as they're called on this small plane in the system of flight tested over the weekend. this shows seconds before it loses engine power the parachute is deployed. first, the plane faces nose down until stabilizing and lands in the ocean the coast guard directed the pilot to fly to the area near a cruise ship. that is why this 28-year-old was
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pulled safely on board. >> i mean the coordination of san francisco area coordination with coast guard and with holland america has been more than impressive. >> this system is safe. >> he would not speculate on what went wrong in the plane but told us he's installed 1200 of these over 20 years and never had a failure the company saying remaining fuel was unable to reach the engine. . >> i have to get going. >> in hawaii he declined comment on what happened. the national transportation safety board will investigate this incident. >> adding another business to a place visited dave and busters in milpitas a week ago tonight.
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visitors today didn't seem overly concerned. >> i'm from the older generation we had measles when we were kids i don't know if the strain is worse or better but i'm not overly concerned about it. >> dave & busters has its own entrance. this brings the number of south bay locations where people were possibly exposed to three. the man also visited a costco and walmart. >> san francisco has done it and so have 120 other cities and tonight mark leno wants california to regulate those e cigarettes. >> they're now becoming popular. the fda says it's concerned about health risks and state
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senator leno says use should be limited. >> we don't know what is in these concoctions. >> state senator mark leno says it's time to regulate e cigarettes the devices heat up liquid nicotine that is inhalled and exhaled what users called vaping. he says they should be treated like other tobacco products that means a ban in spaces. >> amazingly this is now a multi billion dollar industry, wholy unregulated, untaxed, operating on its own we know that there is great risk to public health and individual health of the users. >> a study published last week in new england journal of medicine found users who turn up the heat on the vaporizers are exposed to high levels of
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formaldehyde but the owners says that is not what regular users do. >> it's like saying cars are dangerous. if you drive them at 800 miles per hour around a curve when you're eating a bagel. so yes. it's the same thing. it's a tested in a manner it's not supposed to of course, it's going to be dangerous. >> the head of the association says leno's bill irresponsibly sends the mess wrath to the 3.6 million adult smokers that vaping may be no less hazardous than continuing to inhale burning cigarette smoke. fda has proposals but nothing has been finalized. uc berkeley environmental scientists supports fda involvement but thinks devices might be useful in helping traditional smokers quit. >> it's better i think, health wise than smoking cigarettes though it's probably not totally
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safe. >> one of the senator's colleagues recently tried and failed to get the legislature to pass restrictions leno blames lobbying by the tobacco industry and is hopeful his measure will survive. in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> thank you so much carolyn. >> still ahead pitching pot. some products now available for the marijuana industry to keep it on the up and up. >> i'm spencer christian. clouds are thickening but the chance of rain is rather minimal. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> an all-electric vehicle is stuck in the slow lane until 7 on your side gets involved. what we did to smooth the commute, just ahead. >> plus, a 3
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an investment firm that treats the legal marijuana industry in the u.s. reporting that pot sales jumped 74% last year. that is one of the reasons why venture capitolists spent the day with entrepreneurs. >> one reason why there is such a jump is because colorado started legal recreational pot sales in january then, washington state followed last summer. then, these venture capitolists are expecting more growth in the coming years because voters in
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oregon and alaska voted similar measures last november. this event started with an exercise that was like a cross between a shark tank episode and a speed dating session. for entrepreneurs this is an opportunity to get several precious minutes to back a number of different marijuana-related products like edible hemp oil, and gizmos to help home growers get a start. >> this is horticulture science being brought in the marijuana industry. now, you have an opportunity like coming out of the closet. >> for investors this is a chance to get in on an industry that is booming. >> this is something that is large in five years is likely to be larger than the organic food industry. >> troy dayton says hundreds of investors are interested because
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legal sales in this country jumped 74% last year to $2.7 billion. and if more states follow the lead of colorado and washington, investors want in on the growth possibilities. >> this industry has been around a long, long time. and there is because of social forces and changes in legislation, it's just turning from legal, from illegal to legal. that is what is interesting. >> they'll see likely more growth soon because oregon and alaska just passed measures legalizing recreational pot sales but california is where more than half legal sales are made. this group is hoping recreational sales will be legal here, too, which will make any investment now really payoff later. abc7 news. >> a pittsburgh woman is facing charges tonight for shoulder
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surfing at east bay atms. she was captured during a sting operation, identified through surveillance photos through previous steps police say she'd look over victim shoulders as they'd type in pin numbers then grab the cards after distracting them. >> tonight strangers stepped up to help save the life of a canine at the sebastapol police department. 7-year-old german sheperd frank started limping. his handler took him to the vet. turns out he has limp foama. treatment is $10,000 the city only can cover a portion of it. but without treatment he would just have two months to live. >> i mean he comes home with me every day. like a member of the family. you know. it is sad when we found out. and we're going to do everything we can to keep him around as long as we can. >> the sargent started a go fund
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me page to help raise $10,000 reaching that goal just moments ago. since first reporting this story at 4:00 this afternoon, people donated $6,000 toward the treatment including one $2500 donation. if you'd like to help they've made that goal we do have a link to the go fund me link on abc7 people are always stepping up. >> we wish frank well. >> we do. >> talking about the weather forecast. you see what's happening back east. so mild here. >> yes. we're hoping for just a little bit of rain. anything. >> that is what we're going to get. >> good. >> there is moisture headed down to our south. here there has been measurable rain scattered showers southern california producing one testifith to four tenths of an inch of rainfall. right now we're try with 60s
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across the bay. and here is a live view from our camera looking along the bay bridge. our forecast of these. cloudy conditions tonight. not so chilly spotty springers are likely tomorrow. and will be dry mild for the week. here is what's happening to our south. we've got this weak storm off the coast of southern california producing rainfall that is occurring now in that part of the state. as this weak disturbance moves north and there are clouds in our direction you'll see a light chance of showers around monterey bay. and into morning we don't expect wide spread rainfall. snow will fall in the sierra. 1 to 2 inches above 7500 feet around lake level probably less than that. back to the bay area, cloudy skies, increasingly cloudy skies. low temperatures into low to mid-40s inland, and mid to upper
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40s around the bay. and 52 here in san francisco. low 50s on the coast. tomorrow see clouds giving us hazy sunshine. high temperatures load to mid-60s on coast and around the bay. and by tomorrow into evening we'll see that chance diminishing. here is the accu-weather forecast. it's going to be a mild week ahead getting milder later into the week. sunny skies wednesday and tomorrow. and sunnier towards the end of the week. over the weekend maybe not so mild but high temperatures around 70 degrees around the bay, inland upper 60s to fear 70s on the coast. a milder period for this time of the year. >> yes. we still need rainfall. >> yes.
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looks far off in the future. >> too bad thank you. >> coming up next, bay area gas prices. >> the end is near for those prices.
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to go back up soon. the survey points to an increase in wholesale prices pump prices are expected to rise, too but analysts don't anticipate a big increase. >> it was nice to have them low. you can go far. >> now it's drastically low. good for us >> every time i change it to half full i come in and i'm afraid it's going to go back up again. >> the prices plummeted and now at it's lowest point since 2009. >> an iconic statue at candle stick park will soon need to find a new home.
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it's not yet clear where it will end up. it may wind up staying in the neighborhood. >> arnold schwartzeneggar will be able to soon add a new distinction. march 28th will be inducted into world wrestling hall of fame. he along time fan, and as the star of many films they describe him as a perfect fit. it will take place at the smp -- sap center in san jose. >> there is more still to come tonight. first, that monstrous blizzard happening now. why people in the northeast are being told to go home and stay there. >> michael finney tells why getting into hov lane wasn't easy for one family. >> and mike shumann's conversation with tom brady's
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dad. stay w
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>> good evening, again. a winter storm the national weather service is describing as crippling and life threatening is roaring into the northeast. here is a live picture from new york. only emergency vehicles will be allowed on the streets after 11:00 p.m . and schools cancelled for a million children. >> city and state governments didn't wait for the first flakes to fall they loaded trucks to treat roads, and activated mers centers. states of emergency are in place, there are plans to reduce planes and subway service the bottom line is take this
6:31 pm
storm seriously. >> this is a serious blizzard. >> if you do not have to drive, please remain home. >> we encourage citizens to stay in place during the duration of the storm. >> residents say they're prepared, too. >> after sane we had no power for 12 days so i got a generator after that. i'm not going through it, again. >> airlines cancelled flights in and out of the major hubs in the northeast. that is tieing up travellers across the country. >> number of cancellations is now like 7,000 including several here in the bay area. let's take a look
6:32 pm
at is fo. 7,000 flights are cancelled and may not take off until wednesday. travellers we caught up were taking delays in stride. >> they put me on a noon flight. >> passengers are getting vouchers and extending their stay here in the bay area. >> san francisco based uber is capping peak demand fares in places like new york and boston. riders are paying nearly triple but after paying it to drivers uber plans to donate to the red cross. >> there are new concerns about
6:33 pm
security at the white house. the government employee came forward to say the drone belonged to him. he said flying for recreation when it fell. the president and mrs. obama are in india. >> an hov sticker can allow drivers to save a lot of time. >> when owners had trouble getting a sticker they served to michael finney. >> yes. this family leased their prius. five months later still waiting for a sticker.
6:34 pm
jesse didn't see it first. . >> i went out to get this car because of the stickers. >> the decal would allow him to travel in carpool lane when by himself, saving him time. he had no idea getting that sticker would be a big headache he and his wife leased the car in richmond. leasing a car it received in a trade and dmv rejected this application because hahnly's forgot to enclose the $eight fee. >> our contract work assumed that the fees had been paid so didn't set a fee in. >> and weeks first went by then months
6:35 pm
>> we're patient but we're grandparents so time goes by. >> we're getting nowhere. no communication to what is going on >> so we found the program began in 2012 when the legislature approved 55,000 stickers the last had been given out. >> you know i'm not blaming anyone else for this. it's our fault. >> all was not lost the legislature approved 15,000 additional stickers in august. we were there when received it . >> i apologize to them. i told them we dropped the ball. we're human. i apologized to them.
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>> get this, for back to the yans for their troubles. need resless to say to see my report go to abc7 click on sections and select 7 on your side. >> up next kids in a school get a 3 when the flu hits, it's a really big deal. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on... family pizza night. the big game. or date night. why lose out to the flu any longer than you have to? prescription tamiflu can help you get better 1.3 days faster. that's 30% sooner. call your doctor right away. and attack the flu virus at its source with prescription tamiflu.
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tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. call your doctor right away. don't lose another moment to the flu. when there's flu, tamiflu.
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>> students are looking at their school in a new dimension tonight. >> jonathan bloom went to one of the schools to get his hands on a new learning tool. >> don't adjust your set. you're seeing double but not the kids wearing special glass that's track their head movements. for them like looking through a window. >> this sixth grader is learning
6:40 pm
about volcanoes. >> you can see the chamber going up to around a thousand degrees he found these models bring depth to the learning process. >> to understand this concept in their own way to be able to articulate these themselves. and their own words. a local company initially built these xulters for product designers. >> it's important to pull it down. >> fascination a mazement like wow. i can do this. >> it's important for these kids. this is a special education class. >> it makes it easier to address
6:41 pm
the needs. >> and in their own languages. three quarters of the kids speak an language other than english. >> very few hispanic and latino students are part of this technology silicon valley careers and professions in science o fully with this it will get interested enough to pursue those careers. >> they can start with coding work shops here over the summer part of the new name mit. >> in san jose abc7 news. >> just ahead at 6:00 the discovery of dozens and dozens of new species. >> why it demonstrates there is a lot to learn about our fragile
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this is a remarkable figure. scientists estimate only 10% of the species on earth have been discovered but 2014 was a very good year in this regard.
6:45 pm
researchers confirmed a discovery of 221 previously-unknown species. and it demonstrates there is still a lot to learn about our remarkable planet. scientists are traveling the world to unlock mystery of biology but when they find a plant or animal believed to be a new species, kit take years to confirm it. in 2011, abc7 went with an expedition to the philippines and found this in the ocean. >> it's a worm eel. >> it's a lot of worm eel >> the work was just beginning.
6:46 pm
>> there are small bones within the body. >> you have to dissect bníes in the throat to compare them with other known eels. >> you can see small teeth. >> three years of research and john has confirmed yes, it's a new species. >> you have to know the cast of characters. >> the eel is one of 221 new species confirmed last year including a tiny elephant shrew, 110 species of ants and when possible a sample is preserved for research. it takes live specimens to learn
6:47 pm
how animals behave. for many there is a long way to go. >> we have 6500 species of frogs that have names. so we know they exist. now, one is in danger. academy scientists flew some of them 8,000 miles here to the aquarium in golden gate park. there is a unusual feature. you can see the tad pole on the right. adult frogs are now on display. behind the scenes, tiny tad poles are hatching as biologists experiment with water quality and food. >> we're hoping to unlock those secrets and crack the code. >> that is just fascinating. scientists say that is a great age of discovery but a third of
6:48 pm
the amphibians are threatened with ex-stinks. it's impossible to evaluate status in the wild. >> that is fascinating and great to discover rain spencer. is there anything coming our way? >> we've got clouds thickening now. sprinkles our way tomorrow. let's talk about the big storms in the north atlantic producing blizzard warnings for the northeast and winter storm warnings for the interior sections from the coast. satellite image, you can see low pressure moving along the coastline, impact felt in the
6:49 pm
wee hours of the morning and into afternoon and evening pulling away. back across the state of california, mild conditions including bay area and might see a sprinkle or two. here is the accu-weather forecast. a sprinkle that won't amount to much. a dry mild wattern takes us into a warm weekend ahead high temperatures around 70 degrees this weekend. coast, bay inland. >> wow. >> thank you. >> time to turn to sports tonight. >> yes. mike shumann is here. >> that is right. we'll hear from the new englanders and tom brady senior. a lucky dad
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♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance?
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me too... we're practically twins! patriots are burned out after a week of deflate gate but it's going to get worse. for everyone inslofl solved this is a great match up a chance to be one of the best super bowls
6:53 pm
ever played. >> outside of families and friends and other people, you know how we play is going to be determined by what we do. that is a major motivation to go out and play our best. >> tom brady will try to match joe montana as a four time winner in that position. i asked tom senior p it ever gets old. >> it sure doesn't. this is beyond anyone's imagination. you go as a fan a father. i go as a parent. winning the game is more than a parent can hope for but getting off field healthy is my rooting interest as a parent. >> this probably because of his
6:54 pm
age at 37 mean that's much to tom and he has a just great passion for this. he's able to belz extraordinarily sighted and gets down but at the same time, keeps hiswitz about him and able to go out and play. he loves playing this game as much as anyone could love playing any sport. >> i noticed you have a ring. tom has three. >> this is his first one. he gave me the first one after he got it. i said i can't take your first ring. he said dad you take this one. i'll take the next one. and he found out the fourth one is hard to come by. but yes. it was emotional time. >> if he gets a fourth ring i can imagine he's going to keep that one. that puts him up in elite company. >> it does. and is awesome to be in the
6:55 pm
conversation. >> i think the bay area clings on to tom as their own also. >> also, we all hate the seattle seahawks. >> i asked tom senior about deflate gate. he said tom told him he didn't do anything wrong and he believes his son. and raiders agreed to a contact bringing him back to the 18th season last year. he's the first player to have 50 interceptions and 20 sacks in his career. san jose earthquakes under new head coach and it holds 18,000 as one of the most technology advantaged stadiums in the world. >> it's not a bad seat here.
6:56 pm
and this is something they've been working for for a long time. and that is abc7 sports. if you get a chance get out you cans see the earthquakes. >> thank you shu. >> join us tonight at 9:00. which zip codes pay the highest auto insurance rates. >> taking you behind the scenes of "the bachelor". why are some wearing wedding dresses and running around in mud and muck? >> find out what happened and who competes for that coveted date with chris. >> i would be looking for that. that is what we're here for.
6:57 pm
>> find out tonight at 8:00 >> stay tuned for abc7 news at 11:00. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. >> from all of us we appreciate your time. hope you have a great night.
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